Setliste for Procol Harum i

Kongres og Kultur Center, Ålborg

9. november 2003

Shine on Brightly  *
Pandora's Box  *
An Old English Dream  *
Grand Hotel
The Question  *
The Idol
Simple Sister

Beyone the Pale  *
Nothing But the Truth
This World Is Rich  *
As Strong As Samson  *
A Salty Dog

A Whiter Shade of Pale  *
Whisky Train  *

*) Sendt i DR P4 den 14. april 2004

Ordvekslinger mellem  publikum og Gary

Gary: I´ll take us back to the old days or the mid days, anyway, when life was very grand and we used to live off silver plates and eat steaks. Now we just eat like Frankfurters and stuff like that. We live in a bus. It´s fun, still, anyway. How are you all feeling? You all look pretty… - where are all the young people? (Applaus) Here they are! – Take a girl and have a little ride ´round with this one, it´s called The Question.

We´d like to play something witch has always appealed greatly to Danish people. – Yes, Madam, sorry? Gin´n´tonic or what is it? (Laughter) 

Lady in the audience: We are a few people here, and we don´t know what ”Procol Harum” means?

Gary: Let´s have a little chat, then! (Laughter and applause) Sorry, we haven´t – hang on – we haven´t been introduced. ”Procol Harum” doesn´t mean anything.

Gentleman in the audience: It means a lot to us! (Laughter and applause).

Gary (in mock-Texan accent): You said it, partner!

Gary: Where were we? Anyway, ”Procol Harum” means – it didn´t mean anything to us, it really didn´t. Except it was a sound, but we did find out afterwards that it was a name of a little pussy cat. And it was called Procol Harum. He was a Burmese Brown. He shagged himself to death. (Laughter)

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